About Us


Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber infrastructure is available in most small communities, but delivery to the customer's front door is not.

Outlaw Wireless bridges the gap by using short haul wireless links to deliver fiber capacity to remote and outlaying rural customers. Our wireless links are measured in yards, not miles. As a result, the customer experiences fast internet links with little to no interference.

We take the best parts of wireless connectivity and eliminate the worst parts resulting in smooth, fast, reliable service.


Why Use Outlaw Wireless

1. All Accounts Offer Unlimited Data

2. No Term Contracts - Cancel Anytime

3. Lowest Monthly Cost with Fastest Speeds!

4. Outlaw Wireless is locally owned and operated.


Your Internet Experience Just Got Better

Our network provides High Capacity Fiber Optic Backhaul links from each community we provide service to.

This means you'll never have to worry about slow downs or buffering when accessing your favorite Internet Services and sites.

You may still have to wait around in real life, but the days of waiting on your Internet Connection are over.

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